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  Comfortable high heels in six easy steps

How many pair of heels do you own? For some the answer could be two or three, while for others the count can go on and on. This is because a woman absolutely adores her heels more than anything else, but wearing high heels is not everybody’s cup of tea. This is because they are not as comfortable as flats. But if flats are not your thing, or you need to get into high heels to give yourself that extra height for some special occasion, you have definitely landed at the right place. Let us now scroll down to find out the simple steps to make this stunning casual shoes for women feel absolutely comfortable.

  1. Cut down those extra inches

If you are a woman who loves to wear heels but is not quite comfortable in them, then you could just go for one or two inch heels in your sandals. These few inches will not only give you that extra bit of height but you’ll also be comfortable wearing them.

  1. Gel insoles

Gel insoles protect your feet from scrunching and thereby prevent blisters. So, if you want to feel at ease in your heels, go for them right away.

  1. Watch your walk

On wearing heels, you may feel like a runway model, but in reality you are not. So, mind your posture while you get into your heels. Your paces should look little bouncy rather than like your saving yourself from falling, as this in turn will pressurize your feet as well as your hip bone.

  1. Take breaks in between

Make sure that you allow your feet to rest after short intervals, so that you don’t strain your feet way too much.

  1. Heels with straps

Opt for heels with strap or tie of some kind. This will ensure that your heels don’t slip away while you are trying to walk. So, be mindful of that.

  1. Extra sized shoe

It is recommended to go for half a size up while buying heels. Doing so will help you to walk around at ease while wearing your heels. If your heels would be tightly fitted, there is a chance of you falling.

Now that you have a rough idea as to what kind of heels you should go for, let us now find out the places where you could grab your favorite pair of heels. There are so many online shopping sites available nowadays that stock some of the best brands of casual shoes for men and women. The variety available with them is absolutely mind blowing. Not only heels, but you could also find sneakers, wedges, flip flops, bellies and more. The names of some of the famous online shopping stores that will surely spoil you for choice are Tata CLiQ, Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, Snapdeal, Abof etc to name just a few. So ladies, hurry up and pamper your feet with a lovely pair of sandal and be every bit of a diva.