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The Effects of the Anadrol Gains

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Anadrol is an anabolic steroid that has been used to get the required bulk by athletes and bodybuilders. They have used this product for ages leading to gain in the muscle weight which makes it a popular product for use by the athletes and bodybuilders. Anadrol was initially used in the treatment of anemic patients, increase in muscle growth in underdeveloped patients or those suffering from muscle wastage like severe burns or HIV/AIDS. The active component of Anadrol is Oxandrolonewhich has strong effects on the body and helps to increase muscle mass. You might be wondering how to use Anadrol safely to get the best results out of it. To do so, you have to know more about this anabolic before use.


Anadrol is a synthetic derivative of the naturally produced hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that is present in the body. The stability of the steroid is enhanceddue to modification of the 17α alkylated form which makes it more resistant to degradation.As stated, it increases the availability of the drug by decreasing the degradation efficiency in the metabolic cycles.Anadrol was marketed in 1959 by Syntex since then it has been used for various purposes. The anabolic has been preferentially used in the treatment of Anemia due to its effect in increasing the red blood cell count in the body.  The biochemical effects of this hormone lead to treatment of hereditary angioedema and osteoporosis. It is an anabolic which has been predominantly used in the gain of muscle mass which helps a person get the desired physique.

Effect of Anadrol

The Oxandrolone drug is used by people due to its property to increase the nitrogenous mass of the body with simultaneous protein and calorie uptake. This affects the gain of muscle mass which is much favored by the bodybuilders. The steroid like most others of the 17aa family does not aromatize to form estrogen in the body and has low androgenic properties.  Hence it can be effectively used by both males and females.Anadrol use leads to decrease in the production of the testosterone in the body. It leads to headaches,lethargy, and depression, changes in skin color, nausea and vomiting. In other cases, it might lead to diarrhoea, insomnia or jaundice.  In females, it leads to changes in the menstrual cycle, hair growth and deepening of thevoice. In spite of these effects, it has been vastly used by the people to get the desired physique prior to a competition.

Anadrol Gains

The steroid is chemically defined as Oxandrolone.The biochemical effects of this hormone lead to gain in muscle mass and strength. It is normally used at the end of the cycle. Anadrol is usually used with Trenbolone to get the desired effect. Some people supplement it with testosterone that helps to increase the natural levels of this hormone.  One of the effects of the anabolic use is gynecomastia which is not favorable for the athletes justbefore thecompetition.  It is very toxic to the liver so careful monitoring should be doneto avoid harmful side effects to the body.