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A Little Bit Of Caution To Administer Stanzolol Better

Winnstrol, or Stanzolol, isan anabolic androgenic steroid. Athletes and bodybuilders often prefer taking it while on a cutting cycle. The steroid is particularly formulated to condition your body. Plus, it is also a performance enhancer. Moreover, it is one of those very few steroidal drugs that both male and female users can take. This is because; Winstrol offers relatively low virilising spinoffs that many of its counterparts offer.  That being said, it is not devoid of side effects. It makes sense that you learn a little more in this regard to ensure safety while embarking on your steroidal journey.

Side Effects andStanzolol


First of all, it is important that you understand that with a little bit of responsible usage of steroids, you can easily avoid the harsh side effects that steroids can bring along. Plus, the after-use affects that Stanzolol offers are primarily genetically-based in nature. For example, you are likely to suffer from thinning of hair, or hair loss while starting its cycle. However, the symptom is not going to be severe if you are predisposed to balding. Similarly, you are likely to develop acne, particularly if you have it in your family.

Cholesterol Concerns

When on a Stanzolol cycle, it is essential that you keep your blood cholesterol level under check. This steroid can increase the level of LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol level in your body. You can control it with a little bit of care. The key to safety lies within the dosage you take. If you suffer from it genetically, then you would rather not take this steroid. And even if you do, then make sure that you keep the dosage low. On an average, a male user should not take 50 mgs of it every day. While in case of ladies, the dosage would preferably be between 10mgs per day.

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Winstroland Liver

Thanks to its nature and molecular structure, Stanzololis likely to prompt your liver produce more enzyme than what it does normally. So if you have liver issues, or if you a habitual alcohol consumer, then ensure that you totally abstain from taking it. Do not take hard drinks of any kind while on a Stanzolol cycle. This is the first step towards responsible usage of steroids. Thankfully enough, this drug is not as toxic as its counterparts. Also, avoid over-the-counter medicines as much as you can.

Side-Effects and Testosterone


Does consumption of Stanzolol leads to low libido? At least, this is what you will find in a number of public forums. Basically, with the supplementation of this steroid, you are likely to produce less testosterone than what your system would otherwise do. If you suffer from this, then you might consider taking additional testosterone supplements to check the problem. Lesser production of testosterone can also lead to testicular atrophy, or the shrinkage of testicles. However, it does not mean that your testicles would literally disappear. In fact, you might not even tell the differences at times! And your testicles would go back to their original size right after you stop taking supplements, when the hormones would be flushed out of your body.