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Why You Need a Reliable Guiding Star on the Airfield?

Air travel has become very popular today and why not, it allows people to travel across far away destinations within very short time. However, the increase in air traffic also demands a higher level of security and implementation of high quality safety. Lighting is the basic and essential part of air traffic and plays a vital role in the airfield. Lighting of runways for take-off, taxiing, and landing are very important because even a small compromise with the quality can lead to big disasters.

You need a high standard airfield lighting solutions that can be installed into or above the ground. These lightings should be able to hold up the shocks, heat and the vibrations that it will be experiencing all day long. Moreover, according to the safety regulations of air traffic, the airfield lights should emit uniform output throughout to ensure the smooth movements of flights. All these things should be considered by the airfield lighting manufacturers because even minute faults can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Lightings at Different Places


This is the place that is used by the flights of different types for take-offs and landings. The traffic through this section does not change get any difference in daytime or night or weather conditions, so it is very important to install best airfield lighting solutions on the runways to ensure safe take-offs and landings.


Taxiway lightings play a crucial role as at night and in times when visibility is almost nil these lightings help the pilot to park drive their flight in the right way and stop at their ATC clearance limits. Only an experienced airport lighting specialists can implement these solutions because these lightings need to be customizable as per the requirement and conditions, like the intensity of the lamination should increase when the weather is not favorable whereas the intensity should be less when the weather is not playing foul.

Approach Lighting

Approach lighting systems are the basic instrument on an airfield that gives the idea of landing to the pilot. The configuration of the approach lighting system for a runway actually determines the standard of the airport and the quality of airfield lighting manufacturers. This lighting system is responsible to give information to the pilot about the alignment of the runway, roll guidance, height perception and horizontal references.

These configurations of signal lighting system will start from the landing point till the approach area covering a distance of 2400 feet helping in the precise landing of the flight. The lighting system includes 247 all-time burning lights in which 49 green lights, 9 rows of bar lights of red color totaling 54 lamps, high intensity 144 white lights and 15 flashing lights.

Airfield lighting solution is a very high responsibility and only experts should be handed over this work who can deliver high quality solutions with long durability.