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Pickleball nets

Pickleball nets are same like the tennis nets. When you lower your tennis net to about 34” in the center you have created a pickleball net for yourself.

The lines and the required areas needed to play pickleball can be easily drawn on the existing court used for playing tennis so this way it really easy and quick process to set up the pickleball court. This way your tennis court can be used two ways.

Pickleball is a really easy game than tennis for the seniors because tennis is physically demanding but pickleball is relatively less physically demanding so this becomes an advantage for the seniors.

Nowadays pickleball is becoming very popular in the schools for Physical Education and also among the senior citizens because of similar nets in both the pickleball as well as tennis court and also easy understanding of the rules of this sport.

The unique features that differentiate pickleball from tennis are- double bounce rule and non-volley zone. The area where the players are not allowed to volley the ball is called the non-volley zone. This allows more interesting play and longer rallies. The double bounce rule is the one according to which the receiving and the serving teams need the ball to bounce on their side of the court after serving and before any of the teams can volley. This is a very simple rule but many people misunderstand it.

Specification of the court:

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The standard measurements of the court and net are maintained by the International Federation of Pickleball.

The dimensions and measurements of a standard pickleball court should be as follows:

  • The court must be rectangular in shape and the measurements should be 6.10 m or 20 feet wide and 13.41 m or 44 feet long. This is applicable in both doubles as well as singles games. These dimensions are same as that of the badminton court.
  • The recommended playing surface for each player is minimum 9.14 m or 30 feet wide and 18.28 m or 60 feet long. The ideal surface required for playing is 34 feet or 10.36 m wide and 19.5 m or 64 feet long.
  • The lines that are drawn on the court must be 5.1 cm or 2 inches wide. All the lines must be of same color and the color must be such that it is contrasting against the surface. The measurements of the court are considered to be the outer part of the lines.
  • The nets of the pickleball court are 34” in the center.

Specifications of the net:

  1. Material of the net-

Any net made of any fabric can be used as pickleball net.

  1. Size of the net-

The length of the net must be minimum 6.1 m or 20 feet and the net must extend between the two sidelines. The width of the net must be minimum 0.8 m or 2.5 feet.

  1. Size of the mesh:

The mesh must be of such size that it must not allow the ball to pass through it.

  1. Height of the net-

At the center the net should be suspended at the height of 0.86 m or 34 inches. The height of the net must be 0.914 m or 36 inches at the sidelines.

  1. Center strap of the net:

The center strap is used in the center of the net for easy adjustment of the height of the net at center.

  1. Edges of the net-

White binding must be present at the top edge of the net at about 2 inches or 5.1 cm. The white binding rests on top of a cord or a cable that is holding the net.

  1. Posts-

The net posts are placed such that they lie out of the sidelines. The recommended distance of each post from the sideline must be 30.48 cm or 12 inches.