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Take Clenbuterol in Proper Manner to Get Best Results

Are you seriously interested to lose your extra weight? Then buy Clenbuterol from an authentic source either from online or offline stores. In the US, this drug is banned for human consumption, and therefore you have to buy it from some research supply lab as a research chemical or find some good source online.

If you want to get best results then read this article carefully as it can create serious side effects if taken in improper manner.

It is essential to know the right dose required in order to get best results. The right amount may vary from person to person. In the beginning, everyone should start with a standard dosage, which needs to be gradually increased depending on the progress. However, the maximum limit for each person may vary and therefore one should never exceed the safe limit.  Men should start with 40 mcg per day while women must take 20 mcg. If you can tolerate this dosage then increase the amount gradually and observe very closely.

For most men the maximum dosage can be 140 mcg per day and for women it would be 100 mcg per day. Women can also increase this limit based on individual’s tolerance. In rare cases, one can increase the dosage beyond this limit.

The best cycle would be to take the drug for 2 weeks, stop the consumption for another 2 weeks and then start increasing your dosage. Every time while you increase your dosage then you must go at a step of 20 mcg per day.

Some people also prefer to take 2 days on and 2 days off cycle however the popular cycle is 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off and then increase the dosage.

This cycle you can continue maximum up to 16 weeks. However, for many people 16 weeks will not be needed as the results will be visible. If you notice good results then you should not continue the dosage to remain safe from any side effects.

As mentioned before, you cannot buy this drug from any drug store in the USA legally and hence you have to buy it from some research lab, which will supply you with the research chemical label. Sales on research purpose are not subjected to too much scrutiny. However, this form of Clenbuterol will not be of very good quality.

In order to get in tablet or liquid form, you need to search for good quality source.