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Three steps to teach you to create the most suitable video conferencing system

Network video conferencing system is divided into software video conferencing systems and hardware video conferencing systems, software video conferencing is based on the PC architecture video communication, mainly rely on CPU processing, audio codec work, its biggest feature is cheap, and good open , Software integration convenience. But the software video in terms of stability, reliability has yet to be improved, the video quality generally can not go beyond the hardware video system, its current market is mainly concentrated in the individual and business, government, large enterprises have gradually began to slowly accept, and more and more Of the application to the meeting.

In the application of video conferencing software, we first need to develop a video conferencing program, and then select the appropriate network structure, and then on this basis to purchase the corresponding video conferencing hardware devices, and build the network is the most critical part of video conferencing construction, because Video conferencing software for data transmission all rely on the support of the network, a good network structure for video conferencing software can be even more powerful, and flawed network can give video conferencing software less effective. So how to build a network can give full play to the role of video conferencing software?

1, external equipment debugging

The network video conferencing system peripherals mainly include audio equipment, video equipment. Audio peripherals, including audio playback equipment and audio capture equipment, audio, and other types of equipment, so how do we debug it?

First of all, debugging audio acquisition equipment, we usually do so, the first is to determine the audio collection device can collect the sound, and now many video conferencing systems are equipped with the size of the microphone volume of the progress bar, we can change through the sound progress Observe whether the sound can enter the microphone inside to determine whether the microphone is receiving normal, such as the emergence of abnormal sound, we can see whether the mute, or whether there is no access to the microphone access hole;

On the other hand, we also need to debug echo cancellation, echo will affect the videoconferencing sound effects, so the general video conferencing system provides echo canceller, but there are some video conferencing system does not provide echo cancellation, such as some software video conferencing system, its Echo cancellation is less effective, so we must also be equipped with a microphone with an echo suppressor. When we test the echo, you need to open the external speaker in the other side, and then talk to see if their voice will hear, if you do not hear is the echo suppression is normal, otherwise the echo suppression is invalid;

The last aspect is to reduce the sound of the howling, the specific suppression of audio whistle, you can see “video conference how to suppress howling”. Video external devices also include video playback devices and audio capture devices, video playback equipment is mainly a monitor, TV or projector, these devices through the VGA interface or HDMI (HD) interface, play. Video acquisition equipment can be a general camera, PTZ, the general camera debugging is relatively simple, as long as the focal length is generally the image quality is no problem. PTZ generally need to connect the video capture card, for the PTZ we need to adjust the focal length and angle, but also through the PTZ commonly used control protocol to access PTZ, PTZ control generally through the serial port PTZ, video conferencing system Generally with PTZ control function, as long as the control of PTZ PTZ focal length, rotation and other operations.

2, network debugging

Video conferencing is mainly through the network to connect, so the network transmission determines the quality of the video conferencing, then how do we network debugging, first of all we have to debug the MCU server network, and sometimes need to configure the video conferencing MCU through NAT and Firewall, we need to map the port of the server. Then we also need to determine whether the video conference terminal and the server has been connected, if the network to the server barrier, network management personnel need to participate in debugging network. If the video conferencing terminal to the server network is Unicom, we also need to debug the network bandwidth is suitable for video conferencing transmission, so we can set the video frame and the quality is higher, and then test the image frame number and quality Normal, to determine whether the network bandwidth is sufficient.

3, the overall system debugging

Because video conferencing and hardware, network relationship is very large, so we must be in the video before the meeting, do a whole simulation of the actual environment debugging, we must all the corresponding equipment to connect, according to the actual environment, if the whole Debugging, found that external devices or networks are not enough to support video conferencing, we need to replace the external device or improve the network transmission rate.

In short, the video conference system structure and work process is relatively complex, and its effect and the work of the network environment and set a very large relationship. Therefore, users in the purchase of video conferencing systems, not only depends on the performance of procurement equipment itself, but also to take into account, that is, video conferencing equipment in which the specific network environment.

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