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Your living room cleaning checklist for this fall

Autumn brings with it a varied range of seasonal and sensational goodies. From festivals to snuggling under cosy blankets, there is nothing that we don’t love about this season. However, one can’t help but deny the kind of stuffiness they feel inside their homes during this season.

Spring cleaning is undoubtedly the official period during which you take up the task of cleaning and decluttering, but fall is another time of the year when you need to think about cleaning up. If you are like us, then you will witness a significant increase in the number of hours that your family spends hurdled up in the living room. That’s one of the primary reasons why you need to consider cleaning your living room this time of the year. We have assembled all the things that you need to do to keep your living room neat and tidy this fall.

Let’s get started with the hectic process of cleaning –

Lamps, light fixtures, and ceiling fans –

The first step of a thorough cleaning during fall will require you to climb up on a ladder. The out of reach places should be the first place where you start your cleaning procedure. Keeping aside the challenge of reaching to the top, ceiling fans are otherwise easy to clean. You must use a microfiber cloth to wipe the blades.

Light fixtures change the look of your room, and that is why it is essential that you clean them on a daily basis. The light bulbs should be cool and at room temperature. Keep in mind that hot bulbs tend to shatter when touched. Unscrew the bulb from the fixture and wipe away all the dust. Replace it again.

Get hold of the cobwebs on the ceiling(if any) as well.

Get ready to clean the baseboards, walls, and decor –

You will feel trapped and suffocated if you don’t clean the walls, decor, and baseboard during the fall. All you must do is use a microfiber cloth to wipe down all the knickknacks, picture frames, sideboards, and coffee tables. Next, you have to remove everything from the shelf and then give it a thorough cleaning. Dust all the shelves first and then wipe everything down before you place everything back. Always clean from top to bottom and then move from left to right.

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Clean the carpets and the floor –

When you are done with the ceiling and the walls, it is time you take a look at the floor. More time spent indoors means an increase in foot traffic. At first, make it a point that no one roams around in your house wearing shoes. You can place a mat both inside and outside the main door. This will prevent snow and dirt from outside entering the home. Start with vacuuming your carpets. Make sure you conduct a deep cleaning of your rugs and floor as well.

The drapes, upholstery, and blinds –

Upholstered furniture and curtains or blinds on the windows add life and beauty to your house. But, they do get dirty because they attract all the dust. Use your vacuum and clean all the blinds, upholstery, and drapes. Use every attachment on your vacuum while you are at this task.

You must proceed with an in-depth cleaning session before the beginning of fall.

The heating vents and radiators –

You might not pay attention to the radiators and heating vents in your home but trust us they collect a lot of dust, debris, and dander. The second you switch on your radiator to feel cosy the accumulated dust spreads all around, which can be the reason for sickness. Give the radiators and heating vents a thorough and proper cleaning. You must remember to clean the fireplace as well.

If your apartment had a face, then it would be the living room. This is the place where you welcome and entertain guests. Not to mention the place where you spend your days and nights. Before you proceed with the heavy duty, deep cleaning you must take care of a few small things. Keep your windows open at least once during the whole day. This will improve air circulation. The stagnant air will be out, and you will enjoy the fresh, cold air.