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7 Best Car Maintenance Tips

A car can become the worst investment without proper maintenance. Vehicles depreciate quickly subject miles covered, damages from accidents, and lack of care. Maintaining any vehicle is an essential thing that every Chrysler dealership personnel advice you to do to achieve longevity.
Proper maintenance enables your car to operate optimally for as long as possible. Preventive maintenance saves you considerable amount of time and money.

Here are the best strategies to use to ensure that your car is maintained well.

Regular Inspection

Periodical inspections enable you to detect anything out of order. Check air pressure in your tires and ensure that all lights are working. Always listen for any strange sounds from inside and out of the vehicle.  Your tires should also have enough tread and whenever you discover something out of the ordinary, don’t ignore it.

Check Your Fluids

Learn how to check fluid levels frequently. Change your antifreeze, coolant, wiper, or power steering fluid. In some cases, the tank level is visible while in others you can rely on the use of dipsticks or gauges to determine the current levels.
If you are not sure, consult your mechanic who will check the antifreeze and transmission fluid. Never ignore any leaks observed when checking your fluids.

Inspect the Timing and Serpentine Belts

Many Chrysler dealership shops will inform you that you should replace your serpentine belt after every 40,000 miles and the timing belt after every 60,000 miles. Always check your manufacturer’s manual to determine actual figures since they vary with vehicle type and models.

Monitor your Oil

You should know how to check the gauges or dipsticks to determine the state of your oil. Ability to differentiate clean and murky oil enables you to discover when your engine has serious issues. Check the oil regularly and change when necessary to prevent engine knock down.

Check your Battery

You should know where to find your battery and clean the contacts whenever necessary using a battery cleaning brush. Furthermore, ensure that there are no leaks. A jump starter and a battery tester are essential items you must have for any emergencies on the road. .
Service the Engine

The engine is the most integral component of your vehicle. Take it for routine servicing and maintenance to keep it in optimal performance. All components should be checked thoroughly by certified and accredited technicians to detect any faulty parts. Routine tune-up saves you considerable amounts that you would spend repairing extensive damages later.

A well-maintained car goes a long way to serve you and your loved ones. It gives you the convenience and comfort you deserve. How do you keep your car maintained? Share you thought with us.