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A Man’s Complete Guide To Buying Boxer Shorts

The loosest and most comfortable of all, boxers offer necessary style and breathability. Featuring an elasticated waist with simple cotton fabric with no stretch, they are perfect under shorts. It was introduced in themid-20th century and has withstood the course of time from being a hidden away stuff offunder clothing to a signature fashion statement (remember CR7’s brand).

A man has a wide range to choose from because there are different features. Some are elasticated where some have adrawstring to secure the waist. Materials range from cotton, cotton blends synthetics to even silks. Online retailers have become a popular option to buy boxers online.


  • Popular among men who don’t like revealing underwear or have a larger body. Easy to wear at night as an alternative to pajamas.
  • The loose fit permits air to circulate and healthy and hygienic choice.
  • There is ashorter fitting version, called ‘boxer briefs,’ are a middleway between boxers and briefs.

Elasticated and drawstring:Two categories comprise one thatopensat the waist and the other which doesn’t.The mostlyelasticated waistband is present that completely encircles the waist. It is sometimes the drawstring inside the waistband which can be pulled tight and tied.

Buttons:  Mostly the boxers which open at the waist, have a series of poppers or buttons to keep the waistband closed. The ‘yoke front’ boxers leave the fly unsecured but to ensure the safety, poppers are arranged. To ensure it sometimes a button is placed beneath the poppers also.


  1. Usually,the ideal fabric for any underwear is cotton due to its durability, breathability, and comfort. It is worn against the skin so. It has to deal with perspiration. Cotton allows evaporation and reduces the chances of fungal infections.
  2. Those people who want to pay a little extra, they have options like advanced upgrades of cotton like mercerized cotton that has increased durability feature. Different types of cotton textiles like cotton jersey and cotton poplin are present.
  3. Cotton blend with polyester looks really like pure cotton and lasts longer while the cost is less.
  4. For cost effective thinking, many people choose polyester or polyester combined with other synthetic. Though synthetics are hard-wearing.
  5. Silk is more luxurious than cotton. It is lightweight, soft and silky. Though it is pricey and not much durable, if money is not an issue, then silk boxers may well be your choice.

For buying proper boxer decked which factors are important to you. Though boxers are available in roadside stores or malls, many prefer it online rather than trailing from one store to other. For this reason, e-retailers have become popular in recent years with customers of boxer shorts.