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A Special Valentine’s Day in London

There’s plenty to do in London on Valentine’s Day. You will be among some of the most beautiful buildings in the UK, where even an afternoon stroll can feel romantic. From a luxurious meal by candlelight to a glamorous evening at the Royal Opera House. There are options for every moment in the day, and the city has activities to satisfy all interests. Here are just a few ideas to help inspire your Valentine’s plans!


If you have a long day of romantic plans ahead, or if you simply love food, then starting off with a fantastic meal is important. London has a great selection of breakfast locations to offer. The Modern Pantry Clerkenwell, which offers an elegant and famously creative menu, will impress any gastronome with clever fusion cuisine. Alternatively, if you want to share in a fondness for coffee, then you can experience fascinating and delicious coffee from Le Cafe Alain Ducasse. Here you will enjoy some of the most precisely prepared coffee in London, which can change your quick break from the city into a moment of indulgence.

Starting your day early on has the advantages of beating the crowd too. It may be the perfect time to have a romantic moment at a location that, later in the day, will become quite busy. Visiting the Pergola at the Hill Garden early is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful vista without any stress!


Flowers are a quintessential token of Valentine’s Day. What can be far more interesting is to actually arrange them yourselves. Welcoming and trendy florists are springing up around London and many of them offer workshops. Together with your partner, you can choose your flowers and style, then arrange your own bouquet. Not only is it a romantic way to spend the afternoon but the flowers you give your partner will mean so much more!

The other emblem of romance is chocolate. Fortunately, London has some of the finest chocolatiers. Charbonnel et Walker, Melt, and Dark Sugar, each offer a wonderful selection of delicious and interesting cacao treats.


One of the best ways to spend the evening is from the comfort of your very own, serviced aparthotel. Whether you are looking to escape the bustle of the city or wanting to look out over it, there are plenty of impressive aparthotels that will allow you to spend the night in private comfort. Once you have enjoyed your day together or finished your romantic meal, you can head back to an apartment that perfectly suits your preferences. Searching for an aparthotel in London with LSA is easy and they will help you find the ideal location for your Valentine’s night.

If you don’t want your night to end too early, then you could find a cocktail bar or speakeasy for a late night tipple. London has many cool bars that are hidden in plain sight. Some behind unassuming doors with only a pig-shaped doorknocker and others located inside other businesses. Finding one and taking your date there is a great way to impress!