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Benefits of Esters Added In Formulating Sustanon

Sustanon injections are potent and used to treat medical condition like hypogonadism. However, Sustanon injections are used for performance enhancement. In competitive sports, it is crucial to increase T-level in your body. Sustanon drug is helpful to improve a bodybuilders overall performance needs.

·         Put on mass – Lean mass gets enhanced without getting fat. Good calories get gained, which increases lean muscles and strength. Sustanon even includes testosterone, which improves body metabolism.


·         Helps in Cutting cycle – Lean muscle gain is maintained during cutting cycle. It is crucial because to melt fat easily, it becomes essential to decrease calorie intake. Fat burning can cause lean tissue loss and the results will not be what you expected. Sustanon helps to balance this scenario.


·         Overall improvement – Skeletal muscles receive increased oxygen level, which gives athletes an advantage to compete in the long distance and endurance sports, which uses oxidative metabolism. With more energy, the athlete’s muscles avert fatigue for long duration allowing them enjoy better performance.

What is included in Sustanon?

Sustanon includes four kinds of testosterone esters with different ester life. Short ester testosterone in Sustanon is Testosterone Propionate.

Pros of short esters are quick onset, rapid clearance time and less DHT related adverse effects like male pattern baldness, bloating, and androgenic side issues.

Testosterone Decanoate, Testosterone Isocaproate, and Testosterone Phenylpropionate esters are mid-term to long-term active components of Sustanon. Due to the four kinds of esters Sustanon becomes very potent. Bodybuilder o weight lifters tend to misuse it, so sporting association does not recommend its usage.

Testosterone normal range lies between 300 ng/decilitre to 1000 ng/decilitre. Therefore, the effects differ from one person to another. It depends on the level of natural testosterone existing in their body.

The half-life of –

·         4.5 days for Propionate and Phenylpropionate

·         9 days for Isocaproate

·         15 days for Decanoate

Many people believe that high T-level is better but this is not a fact. Excessive T-level can cause the testes to hold the production, which can shrink testicles. In addition, sperm production gets affected, which can possibly cause infertility.

High levels are believed to improve sex drive, which is not so often because it can trigger ED as well as painful and frequent erections. Other side issues due to high T-level include estrogenic effects, potential hair thinning, mood swings, etc.

Use of any kind of steroids for quick muscle gain is a temporary way. Therefore, to sustain gained muscle mass, it is crucial to strictly follow post cycle therapy.