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Boom Time For Venture Capital Firms In Singapore

On a number of different fronts, the economic present for Singapore is very promising. Every nation or community has their ups and downs. Singapore has certainly endured a number of challenges, and there is no question that there are more to come. At the same time, there is a good deal about Singapore’s current economic climate that is worth feeling encouraged over. You can easily apply some of these to predictions for Singapore’s economic future, keeping in mind that very few things are set in stone.

One such element of Singapore’s current economic culture concerns venture capital firms operating in Singapore. Simply put, if you are one of these firms, there is a great deal that you should be excited about. For the rest of us, this is another reason to pay close attention to the ongoing story of Singapore.

Venture Capital Firms In Singapore

Growing interest with Southeast Asian startups is one of the reasons why venture capital firms in Singapore are doing particularly well right now. The surge in fundraising for venture capital fundraising is not something that has gone unnoticed by other members of the financial world. Not only did Vertex Firms complete their fundraising goals, but two other firms hit their marks, as well. These are not the first positive examples of venture capital firms working successfully in Singapore. It stands to reason that they will not be the last either.

Just last month, East Ventures raised thirty-million in U.S. capital for both seed capital and early financing efforts. Remember, this is the firm that made successful bets on startups such as Tokopedia and Traveloka.

For those looking at investment possibilities beyond the offerings of the United States and China, nations like Singapore are becoming increasingly attractive.

Singapore And Entrepreneurs

Technology developments within Singapore are one of the keys to the increased attention from venture capital firms. These are groups of investors that always have one specific goal in mind, regardless of what they ultimately invest in: The ground floor of something that will eventually become part of a global consciousness. More often than not, technology creates those entities.

Singapore has worked hard to build up their technology development work in recent years. The end result is that Singapore is quickly becoming a fertile new ground for new ideas and bold concepts. Venture capital firms are catching on to this. You can apply this thought to much of Southeast Asia, but it is proving to be a particularly significant reality in Singapore.

Singapore venture investments hit an impressive figure of 725.3-million U.S. dollars for the 2nd quarter of this year. While this number is quite far behind the United States, it is not something to disregard either. That number is climbing. While it is true that the number might be climbing a little more slowly than some would like, there is no question that venture investments in Singapore are continuing to climb. Those who are making the jump at this point are very likely going to be the ones who enjoy the deepest well of benefits, as Singapore becomes increasingly appealing.

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