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Crowdfunding and Brand Building for NGOs

Aside from being an art in itself, branding is the trick to persuasion. More often than not, even though some non-profits/ social enterprises have a very meaningful cause that they are addressing, their fundraising India goals are not met. It makes you wonder why such a good cause is not connecting with people – the answer might just lie in your brand building efforts.

Are you doing enough?

This article will teach you the benefits of a fundraising India in building a brand image.

Increase awareness of your mission

People are caught up in their own busy lives. If there is a problem, you need to tell people about it. Simply making a direct request for money is like cold calling. You need to build a story, an image, answer every question that the donor may have. Keep in mind the 5 W’s and 1 H of storytelling (what, when, where, why, whom, and how). When you have the answers to these questions in place, half your work is done.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is probably the most important step in increasing branding efficiency, so that your communications can be specifically tailored to your audience.

  • Startups and young entrepreneurs
  • Large corporates involved in CSR activities
  • People who have a background with philanthropic work
  • Government authorities and trusts
  • A media list for increased coverage


The communications on behalf of your organisation that are put out to the masses can make or break brand image. Especially with NGOs looking to raise funds, communications aimed at persuading donors can be very tricky at times. Each cause will have a different target audience. Once you find the right one for you, you must analyse their interests, their history with philanthropy, donating patterns, and plan your activities accordingly. Communication activities should ideally be a mix of public relations, social media, on-ground activities, and personal/face-to-face meetings.

An efficient marketing and branding tool

It is a great way to analyse and gauge the reactions of people towards your cause, through which you can partially determine the success of your campaign. Even with a few supporters in the beginning, you will find it remarkably easy to create a strong database of like-minded individuals. That said; effective marketing will even facilitate collaborations.

Generates new ideas and feedback

When you run your campaign on various social media platforms, you tap into many different audiences. Each type of audience will have a different take on the concept you are putting out. As long as you can engage people and start conversations, ideas from different people will keep flowing in. Aside from that, it is a great way to get feedback and improvise on the shortcomings of your campaign. This way, you keep people engaged and involved in your cause.

We hope this article encourage NGOs to adopt a online fundraising, and we hope to facilitate a fundraising India, in furthering the activities of no profits through financial and branding assistance.