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Frequently Asked Question about Halal Certificate

What is the meaning of Halal Food? – Halal is one of the most important foundations of Muslim life. The meaning of this Arabic word is lawful or permitted.

What is the benefit of getting Halal certificate for a company? – When the company gets Halal certificate from an authority foundation also with help of professionals such as Halalxpert, it shows the customers that the relating company produces in a high quality level product, because the Halal Certificate contains the most ultimate level quality standards.

Who can apply for Halal Certificate? (1) Restaurants and other food-related companies, (2) Companies producing cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products and (3) Export businesses interested in the halal market.

How does certification process ongoing? (1) Halal Certification application by an application form, (2) Once the completed application is received; the Board review the information details and then contact the company to arrange for an initial audit inspection, (3) Signing the contract by both parties for audit, (4) Audit process on the company’s facilities, (5) initial inspection of the plant, (6) The establish for all requirements which is mentioned during the audit by auditors, (7) technical committees report upon audits, (8) Halal Certification, (9) Halal Assurance Systems follow ups

Prerequisites – (1) company must give a statement about willing to manufacture Halal products, (2) Halal Manual must write out by internal Halal Coordinator who must be Muslim, (3) Halal Manual must be prepared other quality systems, (4) Halal Assurance system is prerequisites in the Halal Certification, (5) Halal Certified company has to establish Halal Assurance system for maintain of Halal manufacturing

What kind of activity does you carry out for universalize Halal Certificate? Halal certificate provides healthy, hygienic, quality products to all mankind. So, the fundamental point of issue is getting awareness. For more information call Halal 认证