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Grow old in style: 4 sizzling birthday party ideas for you

Birthdays are fun moment and those around us make this day a really memorable one. Well, it also reminds us that we are growing old! In another way, one grows mature and wiser with every birthday and I have some amazing birthday theme ideas for you all that you can consider once before celebrating that special day. Have a look and wear the party cap again.

Vintage or Retro party:

Pick up your location first and decorate that place with all red and blue décor. Bring in vessels or pots or dishes of these colors. Use those lacy white curtains. It would be great to set the dress code of the party also in vintage colors. People must come in here with their vintage robes and caps. This is going to be really fun. Lighting would be important here. So, pay attention to dim lights and use more of candles. Order a birthday cake in Bangalore and as the theme is vintage, cheesecakes would be good.

Chanel inspired party:

Chanel means fragrance, make up, handbags, and of courseclass and elegance. Any grown up girl knows the aura of a Chanel product! Plan a birthday party with Chanel as the theme. So, you have to get a designer cake with the famous Chanel logo on it. Colors to be used are obviously black, white, and golden. The attendant s of the party has to come dressed in either of these colors. Keep personalized jars of cookies and chocolates beside the cake. It would be a dreamy party thing for any girl/woman.

Casino Theme party:

The rich luxury and glamor of a casino can be captured in this theme of birthday party. Make curtains or blinders out of cards to signify your theme for the party. Bring a ravishing red colored dice shaped cake with perfect white dots over it. This would bring so much fun in the party mood. The regular color can be red, black, white, and golden as these are the regular colors often found in casino. You can also put a cut out of the birthday boy standing exactly like Daniel Craig from Casino Royale.

Mexican décor party:

One of the colorful culture apart from India is starkly noticed in Mexico. Organize the walls of the room or venue hall with some big, small, and medium sized paintings of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, or MaríaIzquierdo. Bring in those large and bright colored paper flowers to do the rest of the decoration. Next in the line comes the food and drinks. Well they can be: chocolate covered oreos, chile covered apples, cookies chocolate covered apples, cake pops, pan dulce, guava empanadas, tacos, pozole, chips, quesadilla, tamales, and of course Mexican Cerveza with some margaritas. For the main cake you can get birthday cake delivery in Bangalore via nay e-commerce website.