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How to Protect Yourself as Self Defense?

The law stipulates that not every act that contains some elements of a criminal offense, and the very criminal act itself, are not. The mere foreclosure in the Act of a particular act of a criminal offense committed in defense or self-defense excludes a criminal offense, because this foreclosure in the law excludes unlawfulness, and without unlawfulness – there is no criminal offense. Make sure to visit our website.

If, for example, somebody attacks us, wanting to attack us, to take away, to hurt us or to do something similar, the Law allows us to defend ourselves, both body and life, as well as property, and if in that defense we carry out an act that has elements of a criminal we will be released from work, because the Law allows us to fulfill certain conditions by ourselves, that is, we are protecting our right before the Court, because later it may be too late.

Of course, our action would exclude the existence of a criminal offense, i.e. that the judge would release us if he comes to the trial, because, for example, in a self-defending hand, someone has broken his hand, several conditions must first be met. If we do not collect them together in the aforementioned situation, the judge may still judge us, regardless of the fact that someone else, in this case, is guilty of breaking his arm because he “started” the attack.

The action we take when defending us can be managed both for the protection of our own property, as well as good third persons. It is important to note that the defense of our goods (bodies, personalities or property) is TRIAL with an attack (some attempt to strike us, and on that occasion, rejecting the attack, we strike him in self-defense).

Simultaneous is actually a coincidence, as can be seen from the above example, but in the necessary defense also includes the action we took to prevent an immediate attack, because if we do not work on time, i.e., before the attack, it can later be too late. The attacker takes thewound from the gun with a gun.


However, if we refuse the attack and then for any reason (rage or revenge) inflict a violation on the attacker, then there will not be any necessary defense.

In addition to the complete exclusion of criminal responsibility for the work done in the necessary defense, the Law also provides for the possibility of easing the sentence, as well as the possibility of exemption from punishment. It is possible to imagine that someone, defending his good, is so frustrated or scared by the attack, to overstep the permitted boundaries and injure the good of the attackers more than he is allowed in self-defense.

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