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Innovative technologies of Galaxy S9 are excellent

Samsung has achieved a vital success with its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ launched on 21 April. These phones will be substituted by an upcoming Galaxy S series of Samsung, The Galaxy S9.

The front profile in provides ample space for an area of use, which is spread in display units with diagonals from 5.8 (S8 Standard) and 6.2 inches (S8 + Plus). Galaxy S8, a nice device but also safe, thanks to the predisposition of the fine dust and water immersion insulation system (30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters) volutes as described by compliance IP68 standard. Galaxy S9 is expected to come out next year with a 5.7-inches screen, with a new Android Version 8.0, and IP68 water and dustproof.

The design continuity is outstanding. The front profile of Galaxy S9, as already noted, is totally free from buttons and references to the brand. There are only the sensors, the headset, and the new 13 Megapixel front cameras, with integrated optical image stabilization system, f/1.8wide angle camera. The back camera is the 21MP Dual-lens camera. Dual top and bottom firing stereo speaker are awesome.

Galaxy S9 Display

Turning to the side profile of Galaxy S8, on the right, we note the presence of the classical manual input systems for switching on and off the display and the buttons to increase / decrease the volume. However, the most interesting features come together, moving down the left side, where there is a dedicated button manual activation of the new intelligent proprietary Samsung Bixby digital assistant system. The button does not have a profile in evidence, which does not make it immediately recognizable, but just know that you can always call the server using your voice or with dedicated Home (making a simple swipe to the right screen). We might not see any special physical side button for the smart virtual assistant Bixby. In new Galaxy S9, higher version of Bixby with an optimized Visual Recognition function will bear the fruit.

 On the lower part of Galaxy S8 screen, we have the implementation scheduled for the USB Type-C in a reversible version. Such a connector, disposed in a decentralized position with respect to the central axis of the terminal, is to be used for interfacing the smartphone to the PC (for data transfer) and to the new accessories, such as the Samsung Gear VR 2017 and the new Samsung Dex Station, to be used to turn your smartphone into a mini-PC which has a stand-alone desktop version of Android Nougat. Always at the bottom, we find the speaker in a mono configuration and the much-discussed analog headphone jack 3.5mm in size. Galaxy S9 will follow the same path and come with DeX station and other technologies like ANT+ allowing you to view your sport, fitness, and health monitoring data in real-time on your mobile device, MST (Magnetic Source Transmission) is more secure than using a traditional payment card, MU-MIMO (sends data to multiple devices simultaneously).