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Mesmerize your audience with fire photography

Fire is one of the elements that are very difficult to photograph. The photographer can master the art of fire photography by practice. The dancing flames of the fire mesmerize the viewer. Fire is an important element in human life and an interesting subject for photography. Fire photography can include pictures of the bonfire, candles, matchstick, etc. There is always a possibility that you may get confused with the darkness of the background and brightness of the flame. gives you full guidance on fire photography.

How to photograph different forms of fire?

  • Sharp & detailed fire photo: To capture the intricate details you should use a narrow aperture like f/8. The higher f-number will help you to take darker photos. It is the best way to take a photo when you are photographing only fire.
  • Blurry fire photo: The photographer should use a long exposure to emphasize on movements of fire. Slow shutter speed will help you in achieve this effect. It is advisable to keep the settings of the camera on manual mode.
  • Flames sans background: The photograph can capture the photo of flame without background by two means. Click pictures in a dark room or use a dark background. The simple way to capture a flame is to click the photo of a lighted candle and edit the candle in editing software.

Some fire photography ideas

  • Capture a friendly bonfire: It is one of the best ways to capture fire in portrait photography.Try taking a picture of a bonfire with people around it in a candid shot. Do no overexpose while clicking the picture; otherwise, the image will look unflattering.
  • Capture fire details: The close shots of the fire look mesmerizing and breathtaking. Use zoom lens in your camera to capture details of the fire. Avoid going close to fire as it can be dangerous.
  • Capture professional fire handlers: We do not come across professional fire handlers every day. When you get the opportunity try taking shots of them this help you to improve your skills of using light and portrait photography.