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Never-ending Adventure in Timang Beach

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Although Yogyakarta is a city well known for the cultural trip, it actually has many adventurous places that are worth-visit. One of them is Timang beach, located in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. The beach is about 70 kilometers from Yogyakarta city, and it will take two hours to get there by motorbike or private car.

The gondola ride is the most famous thing in Timang beach. The gondola is not the one operated with electricity, but it is the traditional one made from woods and operated with the help of a smart pulley system.

The gondola is used as a transportation for the lobster fishermen. It connects to small reef 20 meters offshore. The Watu Panjang (the island in the center of the ocean ) is a home of tens of thousands lobsters. These days, the gondola turned into an experience tourists want to try, because it attracts many individuals since the first time Timang Beach was started for the public. The tourist likes to’dive into’ the narrative of the lobster fishermen’s life that attached to the gondola.

However, if you aren’t keen on the gondola, the natives have built another bridge to cross to the island. For you who wish to cross the mainland with the gondola, you shouldn’t be worried about the security. The anglers who controlled the gondola are the gondola itself is secure and specialist. But remember, this gondola just fit for one people who have a weight of 130 kg.

The attraction that can be compared to Timang Beach’s gondola is the original lobster dish from this area’s culinary. The lobster will be cooked with Gunungkidul coast’s recipe.

There are still other tourist items near the Timang Beach if you still feel this gondola Timang isn’t enough. Like the Nglambor Beach in which you can snorkel and explore the underwater beauty of Jogja. Or, Jogan Beach where you’ll see the panorama of sunset on the shore and little waterfall at the coast.

Beside it, perhaps you can go again for another adventure such as rock climbing in Siung Beach or also attempt to camp on the coast of this beach. Even though Jomblang Cave is available journey deep below the earth.