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How Much You Need to Wait to Observe the Effects of Trenbolone

Many body builders often indulge themselves with Trenbolone as they believe that this steroid can really help them to make their body strong and help them improve their performance. However, one must remember that Trenbolone is basically meant for using on Animals and not meant for human consumption. However, trenbolone is very famous for producing strong effects and therefore many new users are interested in this drug.

Effects of Trenbolone

As already mentioned, Trenbolone is basically meant for animals and not for human use. However, body builders and sports persons refuse to accept this fact. They are generally found to be using following few compounds.

  • Trenbolone Enanthate (C25H34O3)
  • Trenebolone acetate (C25H34O3)

Trenbolone acetate is basically meant for cattle, so that they develop better muscle mass before going for slaughter. Seeing the positive effects of this steroid most of the body builders believe that it is very easy and quick way to develop muscles mass and strength. Most of the research however has been conducted on animals and researchers really do not claim anything regarding humans.

Most of the body builders decide to use trenbolone by looking at the bodybuilder’s website where they recommend certain dosage for human consumption. They also recommend few other medicines to reduce the Signs of Trenbolone use.

Can we use trenbolone for humans?

As already mentioned by medical researchers, this drug is basically meant for animals and can be very risky for human usage, however body builders really do not care. The effect of trenbolone may not be same for everybody. For some people, it can really damage their health.

There is no safe dosage that has ever been recommended by any doctors. However, body building websites recommend that one must take 100 mg to 300 mg a week to get the desired results. If you prefer to use Trenbolone enanthate then you must take dosage 150 mg to 300 mg in a week.

For some people, trenbolone may create serious side effects like liver problems, erratic hormonal problem, cardiovascular issues and altered metabolism. Therefore, as a user of trenbolone one should be very watchful for any negative effects. In case, any such effects are observed one should immediately stop using this drug.

If you go by user reviews then you will find that a number of users have gained sufficiently within few weeks after using trenbolone as per the guidelines provided by body builder’s website.