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Pros and cons of uniforms

Working uniforms are a common element nowadays. They usually highlight the brand more than a logo or image. For instance, whenever we see a specific t-shirt, we immediately think of a brand.

Famous brands have also changed their uniform to give the brand a new and fresh look, and the initial surprise on the clients is taken as a positive or negative advertisement. A uniform can be so closely related to a brand that it is often difficult to find their employees wearing something else.

The risks of using uniforms in the office come when people start wearing it the wrong way. This can ruin the image of the brand in a very easy way.

The main purpose of the uniform

Uniforms usually have two main uses:

  1. To make the brand more visible for the clients and consumers as a marketing strategy
  1. Controlling the dress code of the individual inside the company.

Within these two purposes, there are a series of advantages and disadvantages

Disadvantages of wearing a uniform

  1. They are sometimes the wrong size

This is a pervasive mistake when the company makes uniforms. Most of the time it is because a size number does not represent precisely a body figure. So you can be an M but with long legs that would need an L size to look good. They can also be too big and fold in the wrong places. All these details are going to affect how you look when using the company’s uniform.

The best way to solve this is by having a professional to fit the uniforms for each employee. Or have the service for those who feel their uniform does not fit their body-shape correctly.

  1. They can be monotonous

People get bored of not being able to show their personality. The repetitive use of garments can also be a heavy burden for some people who are more creative and want to show it. This can be modified by altering one piece of the uniform each year. This way, it won’t be necessary to spend much money on renovating the whole uniform, and it will keep people happy.

It is also a good idea to allow people to wear some accessories to match their personalities. This can give some freedom of choice and make them feel better.

Advantages of wearing a uniform

  1. They are cost conscious

You don’t need to wear your clothes, and therefore it will be in good conditions for a longer time in your closet. Most of the times uniforms are provided by the company, so you don’t have to spend money on them.

  1. They help identify workers with the company

According to the first purpose of uniforms, this is something really valuable. A proper uniform paired with novelty id UK can make employees feel part of a bigger enterprise. They have all the items that represent the company, and this makes them ambassadors of the brand they are wearing.

  1. They can be very comfortable

More often than not, a company will pick a uniform that will make employees feel comfortable while performing regular duties. If the work is heavy, certain assigned uniforms are usually a protection layer for the employee. If the work is light, they can offer the person an opportunity to feel and look good while carrying out tasks.

  1. They can have different pieces

Some uniforms have different options to allow the worker change outfit and still feel comfortable. It can have two or three different kinds of t-shirt or shirt. For women, there is the option of having a pair of pants and also a skirt for warmer days. Some companies have even considered giving their employees a pair of shorts for those days where the climate is not on their side.

To sum up, these are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniforms. If you have a company and are planning on implementing them at work, talk to your staff first. Ask them how they feel and ask for suggestions. You could be surprised by their answer on the topic.