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Security Devices For Your Garden

When it comes to home security, your primary concern should be your garden.If thieves can’t get into your garden, then it’s unlikely that they’ll target your home.The reasons for this are fairly obvious:a garden is more exposed, and if you’re careless it’s more likely to contain high-value items which can be easily picked up and sold on the black market.

Let’s examine six security devices that’ll help to secure your garden.


Security cameras are everywhere in modern Britain.This is so for a very good reason.Cameras are able to record images of intruders as they commit their intrusions.These images can then be used as evidence in a court of law, and will hugely improve the chances a prosecution being secured.Moreover, if you buy a camera system that can be monitored live, you’ll be able to observe events as they occur in real time.

For these reasons, they’re also an effective deterrent against crime before it occurs.If you can’t stretch your budge to cover an entire system of security cameras, then you might instead opt for a single false one which will provide the same deterrent at a fraction of the cost.


A burglar alarm is a classic means of detecting an intruder.They come in a variety of different forms, but each of them is designed to alert people to the presence of an intruder.They’re more useful in terms of home security than they are outdoors, as wandering wildlife and stray gusts of wind have the potential to create false positives.


A shed is a great place to store your valuable garden tools.With each tool being of high value relative to its weight, a garden shed represents an excellent and popular means of ensuring that burglars aren’t able to get their hands on them.The best sheds are durable and ruggedly-constructed, and therefore difficult to break into.Invest in a high-quality padlock – preferably an electronic one that’ll emit a silent alarm when it’s interfered with.Your phone will receive a notification, and you’ll be able to take action immediately.You’ll also be provided with a timestamp of exactly when the break-in occurred.


Naturally, one of the most effective obstacles a burglar will face when trying to gain access to your property is a physical barrier posed by a suitable fence.The taller the fence, the greater the obstacle that need to be climbed over.Fences, naturally, offer greater protection than hedges – but for maximum protection, you’ll want both.Hedges are less easily climbed than fences, and a difficult for burglars to move through without leaving evidence that they’ve done so.


A good fence is likely to be ineffective as a barrier if there isn’t a decent quality gate there to create a gap in it when you need to pass from one side to the other.A high-quality garden gate should be rugged and durable, and it should also be long-lasting.To provide your garden gate with the maintenance it needs, pay special attention to the posts on either side, and to the hinges which tether it there.If the wood on the posts has become rotten, then the hinges will be easily forced away, and the gate will pose no obstacle at all.Be sure to regularly oil the hinges, and treat the wood of the gate to ensure that moisture can’t penetrate the grain.

Of course, for any of this to matter you’ll have to ensure that your gate is of a sufficiently high quality to begin with.If you’re looking for gates in North Wales, you’ll find a plethora of them available from reputable vendors like Richard Williams, a builder’s merchant in North Wales.

Common sense

Thus far we’ve looked at some of the more effective technologies when it comes to garden security.But the most useful technology of them all is, undoubtedly, the human brain.If you take a few regular precautions, and get into the habit of doing so, then your chances of suffering a problem will be vastly reduced.Put garden tools away when you’re done using them.Close the windows of your home.Cut back any wall-growing plants that could offer intruders a means of climbing into an upstairs window.Ensure that your garden gate remains properly closed and locked every time you leave your property.By following these basic guidelines, you’ll be able to considerably lessen your chance of suffering a problem.