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The best place to purchase and sell a second hand iPhone

Using the new iPhone 7 available on the market, so many people are searching to market their old iPhone model for many fast cash. The key question to inquire about though is exactly what places provide the best return and also the smoothest process. To reply to that question, Tom’s Guide tested seven services that purchase and sell used iPhones, evaluating which service was the very best using various metrics.

To discover where consumers could expect the very best return on their own dollar, Tom’s Guide purchased an apple iphone from each one of the seven reseller services, then switched around and re-offered the telephone, without activating or utilizing it, towards the same service they bought it from. So as to, they rated each service-based on their own convenience, simplicity of use, and responsiveness.

Selecting services that both bought and offered used iPhones, we’ve evaluated Glyde, Swappa, Amazon . com, Best To Buy, GameStop, Gazelle, and Walmart. To keep consistency using the results, they purchased a 16 GB iPhone 6 from most retailers except for Amazon . com and economical Phones because of availability issues where they obtained a 16 GB iPhone 6 Plus. Again because of availability, a few of the iPhones were associated with specific carriers however, according to their experience, unlocked phones not associated with a particular carrier generally led to greater prices. A fascinating find was that phones which were associated with either AT&T or Verizon maintained a greater resale value too.

In most cases, there’s a niche between what resellers charge to have an iPhone and what they’re willing you whenever you sell that very same phone back. Much like a vehicle depreciating in value, that iPhone you are wishing to unload won’t ever maintain its value. Because of the tests, they discovered that resellers made their cash by purchasing low and selling high. Additionally to ranking these seven services and calculating the worth, Tom’s Guide also accounted for the whole process, evaluating questions like when the instructions were simple to follow, how quick the procedure was, when they received cash or store credit, and just how quickly they received their payment after finishing the purchase.


Here, they obtained a space grey iPhone 6 associated with AT&T and compensated $359.50 for that device. They were given back $265.60 in cash and bitcoin, that was a 74% rate of return. The professionals for this service was it offered the very best rate of return, were built with a obvious explanation from the policies by having an explicit introduction to charges, there is a choice to wait for better cost to get available, there were flexible payment options. The only real disadvantage noted here was that you weren’t needed to publish a verification photo, one step that could prove useful to get rid of scammers.


The runner in the exam, additionally they obtained a space grey iPhone 6 this time around associated with Verizon for $465. They’d a 70% rate of return once they were compensated back $325 in cash. The service gives users the opportunity to adjust your opportunity, there’s a good rate of return, added protection via PayPal purchases. The main drawbacks were it had become a period-consuming process requiring you to definitely take photos from the device, should you accept an instantaneous trade, it might lower the speed of return, there would be a mandatory $10 PayPal transaction fee.


With the exact same type of the iPhone, they purchased an apple iphone 6 associated with Verizon for $406 and received $210 in both cash and credit, equal to a 52% rate of return. Noted as an easy and quick resale process, you will find multiple choices for getting compensated for that device, and also the inspection process enables for any quality choice of phones on purchase. The main drawback was it had become a center of the road payment for trade-ins in comparison with other resellers.

Amazon . com

Because of availability, they purchased an unlocked Space Grey iPhone 6 Plus for $549.99 through Amazon . com. After selling the unit, they received a $265 Amazon . com gift certificate, which is the same as a 48% rate of return. As the process was clearly described and also the trade-in offers are immediate, the costs compensated are fairly low and you are limited to Amazon . com credit. Also, trade-in links can be difficult to locate online.

Cheap Phones

Also because of availability, they obtained a Space Grey iPhone 6 Plus associated with AT&T for $459.99. After re-selling the unit, they received $240 back via both cash and credit, which is the same as a 52% rate of return. Cheap Phones provides you with the choice to choose from cash or store credit after re-selling your tool and overall, it’s a quite simple process. The undoing for this is it needed a trip to an actual store place to complete your purchase, even though the in-store staff were useful and professional throughout the testing.


In the major store, they obtained a Space Grey iPhone 6 associated with Straight Talk Wireless for $369. Once they visited re-sell the unit, they merely returned $125 in credit, equal to a 34% rate of return. As the transaction was a simple process that didn’t require enough detailed information online, this were built with a really low return on re-sales and you’re restricted to in-store credit.

Best To Buy

Finally, Best To Buy, the primary store for electronics and everything technology, right? Well, after buying an area Grey iPhone 6 associated with AT&T for $599.99, they merely returned $208 on a pre-balance credit card, equal to 35% rate of return. The trade-in process is fairly simple if you don’t have questions for that in-store staff which handled the trade efficiently. The primary downside of this really is that you’ll be waiting a lengthy time while answering questions about Best Buy’s 800 number and as you can tell, there’s a minimal rate of return because well.

The important thing takeaways in the study were that Glyde and Swappa capped the outcomes of the best place to purchase and sell a second hand phone while Walmart and finest Buy finished at the end. The phones were re-offered for typically 52% of the items they compensated for initially and also the greatest rate of return originated from marketplace services whereas the worst return originated from big-box retailers. So if you’re thinking about selling your iPhone, take these studies into account when you’re looking around to find the best rate of return.

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