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Things You Need To Know About Local SEO

If you have ever tried to be meticulous every time you search for just about anything on the web, you would have noticed the location balloons that usually pop-up on the right side of the search engine results page (SERP). If they did not mean anything to you before, they will now—they are the results of the local SEO.

Each of these balloons can be clicked to launch the map that will lead the potential client right in the doorstep of the business, company or service that is being optimized through that small portion on the SERP. Therefore, every local business that has a physical address should be using local SEO services from Result Driven SEO.

So what is Local SEO? Local SEO is as the name denotes: a search engine optimization process for local purposes. That way, clients can easily find the address of the product or business or a related business that is within the vicinity of the person searching.

Factors Affecting Local SEO

Basically, there are three major factors that affect Local SEO: number of reviews, the quality of reviews or the number of positive reviews and the number of citations on the company or business.

  1. Number of reviews. Just like publicity, bad or good reviews both count. The more reviews there are the better it would be for a certain business or company. Every time there is a review on a business or company, this will update the listing and that will once again put the said entity on top of the search. This will surely affect the local ranking and eventually, the SERP.
  2. Quality of reviews. While the overall number of reviews will have a weight on how local businesses are rated and ranked on the SERP, the quality of these reviews is also an affecting factor. The more positive the review will be the better it would be for the rank and rate of the local business or company.
  3. Number of citations. As simple as mentioning a local business can have an effect on the optimization. This is why many local SEO specialists start a hashtag campaign or a page for a business or company they are optimizing to ensure that this will add to the number of citations that the said business gets.
  4. Distance from city center. A local plastic surgery clinic nearest the city center will always have a better chance to rank and appear on the SERP than one on the outskirts of the city or neighboring areas. This is called the centroid bias; Google has it as well as most search engines. So, if you want to boost your online visibility or attract new patients, get a local SEO for medical practices. By that, you can get more consultations, calls as well as patients for your practice.

Using all four factors can get a local business on top of the SERP but may not be enough. For even faster and better chance of ranking and being featured on the top of the SERP, it is best to use tools that will help improve all results associated to the four factors mentioned above. Also, it is best to have a page or social media campaign that will help boost the numbers of citations and reviews that the business will get.